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Face and Body Skin Smoother Powder / 2 oz.

Price: $29.00

benefits/ This is an advanced skin care treatment program designed to firm, tighten, smooth, lift and contour the face and other parts of the body.

How to use/
1. In a small cup mix approximately 1 tsp. of activator/1 tsp. smoother powder. Mix powder and activator thoroughly until smooth. Consistency should be thin but not watery and easy to spread. Pat gently (or apply with small brush) over face, forehead, eyebrow bone, under chin, neck and to back of hands. Pat a little extra in smile lines. Relax for about 20 to 25 minutes while the face lift dries. You will feel a very tight sensation over your face as it dries. Do not move your facial muscles, smile, or talk during drying period.

2. After Face and Body Masque is dry, apply Cleanser directly over the Masque with finger tips to soften. Remove with wet warm wash cloth. Do not rub the skin hard. Use lots of water.



3. Apply Freshener/Toner with cotton ball to remove final traces of Smoother Masque.



4. Apply Moisturizer over entire face, neck and hands.

5. Use the Face & Body Smoother 2 to 3 times per week. The effects of this face lift system will last for 24 hours or more each time you use it. The Face & Body Smoother may be used on face, neck, hands, feet, arms and breast. You will notice results immediately after using.

6. After using Face & Body Smoother, remove with Cleanser and warm wash cloth. Follow with Freshener/Toner and your Moisturizer.

If using Face & Body Smoother on hands and feet, remove masque from hands with Cleanser or Bath and Shower Gel. Remove Masque from feet with Bath and Shower Gel. Rinse with tepid water. Apply Freshener/Toner with cotton ball. Next lavishly apply Elastin Collagen Night Cream over hands and Therapeutic Foot Cream over feet. If this treatment is being done at night before retiring, apply Silk and Velvet Lotion over the top of Collagen Night Cream treated hands and put into white cotton gloves over night. You will awaken with smoother and softer hands the next morning.

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